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  1. Jan-12-16: David Bowie influence (Bill)
  2. 2016- new album (various articles)
  3. Jan-22-16- DW.com- top 10 German acts of the new millen
  4. Jan-22-16- six.de- Stars: then & now
  5. Jan-23-16: JKTV- Koreans react to German artists
  6. Jan-23-16: programme-tv.fr- What become of TH?
  7. Jan-26-16: myheimat.de- Bill Kaulitz is missing somethi
  8. jan-26-16: Ohnotheydidnt- TH in studio for album #5
  9. Feb-11-16: cno.webtv- Laura Pausini Copies Tokio Hotel?
  10. Feb-10-16- Virginradio.fr- Shameful songs we listen to
  11. Feb-11-16: styleranking.de- Style check: Tokio Hotel
  12. Jan- 28-16: idle man.com-DORUKHAN AYDIN mentions TH
  13. Feb-14-16: Gustav is going to be a daddy!
  14. Feb-17-16: Buzzfeed.com (DE)- TH comparison
  15. Mar-18-16: The voice Kids (DE)- Felix sings TH
  16. Apr-20-16: top.de- Bill Kaulitz' crazy Coachella outfit
  17. Apr-29-16: Fourculture.com: Billy is not ok interview
  18. May-2-16: galoremag- #MCM TH's Billy Kaulitz talks EP
  19. May-5-16: RP Online - Bill shakes his teen image
  20. May-5-16: Weser-Kurier.de – Solo Project
  21. May-6-16: Interview.de- Billy Interview in Berlin
  22. May-8-16: Styleranking- Billy is not ok Interview
  23. May-10-16: Interview.de- FAME BILLY interview
  24. May-10-16: lalaberlin- Face to face with Bill Kaulitz
  25. May-10-16: all access.com- interview w/ Billy
  26. May-12-16: DW Popxport- Interview with Billy
  27. May-18-16: top.de: Bill from Hotel child to Billy boy
  28. May-18-16: DW.com- Billy Interview "i write better when
  29. May-20-16- Breatheheavy.com- Bill reemerges as Billy-
  30. Jun-13-16: refinery29.de- Billy talks heartbreak &
  31. Jun-14-16: diariodigital.gr- Neither man nor woman
  32. jun-15-16- Graziamagazin.de- Billy Interview
  33. Jun17-16: dw.com- 5 vegetarian EU artists
  34. jul-15-16: DW.com- top 10 German acts of the millennium
  35. Sep-8-16: artiestennieuws.nl: Top 15 Best TH songs
  36. Oct-4-16: tag24.de-James Corden can imagine to invite T
  37. Oct-7-16: ru.hellomagazin- Bill K. talks about his
  38. Oct-12-16: Joe jonas mentions Bill on reddit
  39. Oct-19-16: fan2.fr- Tokio Hotel exclusiv interview
  40. Oct-20-16:mz-wed.de- Bill K "stunned" over AFD rise
  41. Oct-20-16- 730.no- Tokio Hotel: hair, fans & tattoos
  42. Oct-29-16: Europe Online - TH Don't Want to Grow Up
  43. Oct-29-16: www.klatsch-tratsch.de - Interview
  44. Oct-28-16: ksta.de – TH comes to Cologne
  45. Oct-29-16: tagesspiegel.de- Bill & Tom interview- tour
  46. Nov-6-16: schwaebische.de- Bill & Tom interview- tour
  47. Dec-6-16: Vivo Concerti- Interview w/ Tokio Hotel