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How can I contact the band?
Tokio Hotel
c/o Universal Music
Stralauer Allee 1
10245 Berlin

How many do they sell to get gold in other countries?
You can find the standards and charts for each of the countries on this Wiki page.

Music Recording Sales Certifications

Where can I follow them in the charts?
Euro Top 200

Where can I buy their merchandise?
This one does not ship to the USA.
Here are the shipping costs to other countries: thanks to vpvp for finding this info
3,95 euro to Germany.
8 Euro to Austria.
12 Euro to Schweiz, Belgium, Denmark, France, Finland, Greenland, Irland, Italy, Luxemburg, Monaco, Netherlands, Polen, Portugal, Sweden, Czech Republic, Spain, Hungary, Slovakia.
25 Euro to Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Ukrine, Croatia, Malta, Norway, Russia, Sloweinen, Cyprus.
28 Euro to Canada.
30 Euro to Austrailia and Japan.
This is the USA vendor and sadly does not have nearly the amount of merch that does.

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