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Fanclub Introduction
Where you can get started and get familiar with the forum rules/guidelines. Also, check here for important announcements about the forum, contests or TH in general. Think of it as the fanclub bulletin board.

The two main sections are:
  • Fanclub Rules
  • Announcements
It's always a good idea when becoming part of a community such as this to familiarize yourself with the rules and etiquette. And of course you will want to check announcements for any contests or downtime announcements, etc.

Current News
Current News
This section is for the latest incoming news and the place to discuss it. Whether it is an annnoncement about a new single, or coverage on another Tokio Hotel shenanigan, you can find it here!

In the press
Here is where you can find the latest on Tokio Hotel on print! If there is an article about them in a magazine or a mention in a news paper, it's discussed here!

On TV/Video/Radio
Just like how it sounds, when Tokio Hotel appears on a special on TV, an interview on the radio, or on a music video playlist, this is the place to be.

TH Online
If you see Tokio Hotel mentioned on a blog, find an article in an online magazine, or anywhere else exclusively online, come talk about it here!

Interviews - all sources
If you don't know a source for a Tokio Hotel interview, it can be found here.

Tokio Hotel
This section is where you can find information about the band such as concerts/appearances, music, videos, awards.

Concerts and appearances
All threads for concerts and appearances, including radio interviews and signing sessions, are located here. The "Past Appearances" subforum is a historical archive of all past tours and appearances and the Ticket Market subforum is for the trade and sale of tickets.

Music, Lyrics & Discography
A favorite forum for many. Each song has its own discussion thread. The Discography sub-forum has a threads for discussing albums, and threads that have lyrics and translations for each song.

Videos & DVDs
This forum contains a list of the videos made by the band. Each video has its own discussion thread.

We allow posting and discussion of all Official Tokio Hotel merchandise (t-shirts, jewelry, calanders, etc.) here. Announcements about new merchandise and sales are posted in this forum, with threads for the major vendors.

Awards that the band has won are listed here by year. There is also a thread showing all certification awards..

Über Timeline
The timeline lists all appearances and interviews in cronological order, separated by year. The dates listed have links to the corrisponding threads within the forum.

This section is for rumors and speculations that are unconfirmed by the band or their management. This includes speculation on albums and tours.


This is being written as we speak

The Band
Now we can have some fun! Here is the section for chit-chat and fangirling over the band! We have a section, The Whole Band, for discussion of the whole band and then each member of the band has a section devoted to them.

So MUCH to talk about here. We devote a lot of time keeping up with his fashion, with several threads (divided into categories- i.e. jewelry, jackets, bags, etc.) for posting pictures of and discussing Bill's wardrobe. But there's more!

Hats off to our guitarist! Here you can enjoy raving over Tom’s fashion statements, obsessing over his guitar playing (not to mention his guitar humping!), and giggling over his adorable accent and personality. Be sure to check out our list of 120 identified caps and catch up on his latest bling, hairstyles, and headwear.

This is being written as we speak

This is being written as we speak

Fan Area
Say Hello
We hope you will say hi, and let us know you are here, make new friends! Also in this section, Rani's incredible "Birthdays" section. Be sure to let us know yours for your cyber cake!
Feedback & Tech Issues
Did something break? Do you need help? This is where you will find assistance.

Fans in Action
Fan events, fan actions, parties...

Fanclub Contests
Home of the popular CaptionThis where with just a little bit of humor and snark, you can win a spot in our hall of fame! And other contests too.

The Answers Forum
One of the most amazing things in this fandom is that you literally can ask "What video did Bill have those kinda shiny pants and he waved his arm?" and someone will know the answer! Ask and answer here.

Your Tokio Hotel Creativity
While we do not allow fanfiction here, all other creative outlets are encouraged. We have the famous Tokio Hotel Graphs started by liz0007 that is sure to make you giggle.

Freiheit Zone
Offtopic Chat
Random offtopic, with a subforum for "Style/Beauty"
In other news...
Real stuff happening out in the world

Discussion and some fun threads for sharing other music that we love (or hate)

Social Groups
The directory of our Social Groups section

Movies and other stuff. 

Techie Help
"There is smoke coming out of my computer!" and other questions

Games and Polls
This is addicting and saves your brain from thinking too much

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