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marzopices3911 02-16-17 12:31

via Twitter 2.16.17
#TokioHotelTV is BACK! Season premiere tomorrow 5pm cet on our Youtube, guns out and subscribe to


allthingsbill 02-16-17 15:46

I am so excited. I look so very forward to each ep. every week. This has made my day! When these 4 guys are together, they are so hilarious. I can't wait! :shee: :happy: :happyrun: :fling:

BillsEyeliner 02-17-17 11:23

Epi #01 - Stasi Ding - Tokio Hotel TV 2017 Official

luvTokioHotel 02-17-17 14:40

Yay!!! THTV is back. :shee::shee::shee::yay:

Adriana 02-17-17 18:26

gah!!! i missed this so much!

just love their friendship so much. Distance means nothing to them:heartbeat:

Adriana 02-17-17 18:29

2.17.17 via Tokiohotel twitter

For #TokioHotelTV we will activate Youtube's community-contributed captions/subtitles! English subtitles will be available instantly!

Happy to announce that #TokioHotelTV is back

The Gang @ #TokioHotelTV :

Question: @tokiohotel I could take care of Dutch subtitles if you'd like. How do I do that 😂

@xJade_ here you go :

First #TokioHotelTV episode is now translated to Swedish + Spanish + French + Turkish + Italian + German + Portuguese + English ! Thank you!

Adriana 02-17-17 18:30

2.17.17 tokio Hotel IG

#TokioHotelTV season premiere today 5pm !!!

Adriana 02-17-17 19:11

the episode now has its own head for you to see and look at screens/animations

Adriana 02-17-17 19:23

gonna go watch it now!:flail::happyrun:

marzopices3911 02-17-17 22:49

Well, that was beautiful. Pumba moments, Georg wardrobe moments. Too many nice moments. Very exciting! Missed this a lot!

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