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Fanclub Rules and Guidelines

Welcome to the Official United States Fanclub for Tokio Hotel. We believe that most everyone who registers here does so because they like Tokio Hotel or want to learn more about them. However, as with any community, there needs to be some rules, so here are ours, evolved from 3+ year experience and history to ensure that your experience here is a good one.

The primary rule of this fanclub is “Respect Tokio Hotel.” If you have any questions as to whether the content you might be posting could be considered disrespectful, any member of the staff here will be glad to review it for you before you post it.

- Fans ages 13 and up are welcome here. We ask that you keep that in mind when you post, and do not post anything that would not be okay in a PG-13 movie.
- English is the language of this forum
- To make reading the forum comfortable for most people, please use regular black font and save bold fonts or color fonts or tiny fonts for emphasis as needed (this includes typing IN ALL CAPS)
- Questions for staff regarding moderating actions or disputes will be handled privately.

Definitely not allowed
- Pictures and information from stalkers or their friends
- Discussion of the family and friends of the band
- Speculation &/or alleged insider knowledge regarding the private life of the band
- "Off" work time pictures, including hotels, airports, etc.
The general rule is if the guys look like they are trying to ignore the fans, then clearly they do not want to be bothered and those pictures should be avoided.
- Promotion of other musicians, such as voting campaigns, in the main Tokio Hotel sections of the forum
- Fanfiction of any kind
- Avatars, profiles pics and sigs which violate any band privacy or respect.
The band are friends, two of them are brothers, they are not lovers. Don't use art in your avatars or sigs that suggests otherwise. .
- Cheats for voting
- Comments where the only intent is to bash members of the band.
Criticism is fine and open discussion is encouraged, but please be constructive and factual and back up your post with a logical argument or supporting points! For example, we don't need to hear repeatedly how stupid you find Tokio Hotel to be or how much you hate Tom's hair or forehead. Nor do we need lots of short, pointless messages which do nothing other than mock the band.
- Nakedness
Some shirtless stuff, like in celebrity threads, will be allowed since it is PG13
- Tokio Hotel’s fanclubs exist to make friends, to have fun and to exchange information and not to exchange any kind of goods so please don’t sell any TH merchandise or other products on the fanclub platform.

Other stuff
- Paparazzi photos will be handled on a case by case basis and the final decision will be made by the admins.
- Name changes are allowed, unless abused. You can request it in Contact the Team Forum
- Deactivation/deletion of accounts is no longer offered. If you need to discuss this, please use the Contact the Team Forum
- Links to outside sites like your blog, tumblr or twitter sig are allowed, however, we reserve the right to remove them if someone reports that you are linking to offensive content.
- For your personal safety and privacy, we do not allow posts where you all share your private Skype, messengers, etc.
- The staff here reserves the right to moderate any situation that we feel is disruptive to the community and to revise and update these rules at any time without prior notice.

Thank you! We also like to remind people that the staff here are volunteers who do this on our own time, freely and without compensation, so please be patient with us. We truly try to do the best we can.
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