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Oct-10-17: Bill "BDC" interview


«Drawers are incredibly important for people»

The new video of "Boy Do not Cry" by Tokio Hotel will be premiering on October 10th. In it, singer Bill Kaulitz appears in Drag. With the team, the 28-year-old talks about the message of the song for the LGBT community and about the obsession of many people to learn about their sexual orientation.
Bill, in the video for "Boy Do not Cry" you see in Drag. How did it happen?

Originally an actor should have assumed this role. In conversation with the director, we then came up with the idea that it would be much cooler if I would play the character myself. The subject of self-realization was especially dear to my heart. It is about a man who saves himself from an emotional depression by going dancing free as a woman. This is also the central message of the song: that you can save yourself or save yourself by seeing the world with different eyes.

And, how was your experience in drag?
Very funny, we had a lot of fun on the set. Everyone was looking for an outfit and experimented with different wigs. At this point I must say that we had a very cool stylist who was available for anything. At all, the whole set was a single party and in no way posed. All those who have participated in the video are friends from Berlin, who have especially turned up for the shoot.

In the song, a single word comes up in German: "All she wants to do is dance." Do you speak with "she" of your drag persona, who just wants to dance, or is it about someone else?
The initial idea for the song was an encounter with something extraterrestrial - a female phenomenon that saved one. Therefore, the presentation in drag fit quite well. The saving figure can, of course, be someone or something, for example, a voice from your heart that calls you to dance.

Hardly a German star is so besieged by fans and persecuted like you. Can you imagine to go out of the house in Drag to remain unrecognized?
(Laughs.) Then I would certainly notice even more! But I have actually disguised myself to go out unrecognized, for example with sunglasses, jogging pants, a cap and a glued-on mustache. For example, I was on the Christmas market last year. But it is a goofy thing to be recognized and the fans want to take photos with you. Then you stand there with your ridiculous clothes. That does not look cool (laughs).

Supposedly fans should have rubbed in your garbage and used your used earsticks and cotton pads. Are your fans still, or have they grown up?
The fan with the cotton swabs no longer had all the cups in the cupboard! Such fans are still there, but now we know how to deal with them. There was a time when we felt so restricted in our freedom of movement that our success was equal to a prison. Even today, I still care how much I surrender, for example, with a story on Instagram.

"There was a time when our success was like a prison."
I do not post my photos until I leave the room or the hotel. Some fans are already extreme. They analyze the sofa in the picture or the space you are in, and try to figure out where we are. These fans form but the exception, most are very ruthless.

Your promoter told me that it was very important for you to talk to the LGBT community with the video on "Boy Do not Cry". Why?
I believe that many people in the community can identify with the message of this song. It is about living the differentness and freeing oneself from its constraints, so as to get out of its depth. The freedom to love the person and the clothes I want is essential for me as an artist. This also includes a lot of self-awareness and a lot of courage.

Diese Freiheit hast du dir ja schon genommen, als du mit Tokio Hotel vor über zehn Jahren berühmt geworden bist. Mit Make-up und langen Haaren hast du gesellschaftliche Rollenbilder auf den Kopf gestellt. Geht man heute entspannter mit dem Thema um?
Ich denke, schon ein bisschen. Wir kommen gesellschaftlich weiter und werden offener. Jedes Jahr geht es ein kleines Stück vorwärts. Bei mir spielt sicherlich auch das Alter eine Rolle. Ich habe das Gefühl, dass Menschen mich als Erwachsenen mehr respektieren, was mein Äusseres betrifft. Als Jugendlicher ist das etwas ganz anderes. Ich musste jeweils von der Schule abgeholt werden, weil man mich aufgrund meiner Frisur zusammenschlagen wollte. Solchen Dingen habe ich mich jeweils aber immer gestellt. Wenn man mir sagte, das darfst du nicht, habe ich es noch extremer gemacht. Ich habe mit meinen Freiheiten also auch provoziert.

Three years ago you wrote in a column that you still believe in the big love, and that gender does not matter. Is the world possessed by sexes?
Absolute. Drawers are incredibly important to people. The question of whether I am going home with a man or a woman now. This is the first thing that people ask me as soon as they are a little drunk. People are going mad if they do not know that.

"The first thing people want to know, as soon as they're a little drunk, is whether I'm going home with a man or a woman."
The media often writes mockingly about you. The magazine FHM took you together with Beth Ditto in his list of «100 Unsexiest Women». Do you have a thick skin now, as far as such headlines are concerned?

I've never done such things to myself, certainly because of the support I've always had in my family. I came from an artist family and was always allowed to live at home. There were no bans or hunts about clothes and hairstyles. At thirteen I had my first piercing, with fifteen my first tattoo.

At school I had the advantage that I could always count on my twin brother Tom. We were our mutual back-up, so to speak. But since we were both infected, we still had it hard. At the age of fifteen I could stand on the stage and it became easier. Although I was also very much hated by the attention, the success gave me the necessary security.

In interviews, you said your current album "Dream Machine" was your dream album. Nobody talked to you and you did what you wanted. Did the producers gladly grant you? Or was it a struggle to get rid of the lead?
(Laughs) Neither nor! After our last album, we had met the contractual requirements of our record company and were thus for the first time really free. So we had no record company and no management. There were no meetings and we did not have to get permission, nothing. We first made music and made a partnership with the finished album. That was really nice.

Nevertheless, you sing on the song «Easy» that everything was easier before it was smoked on the rear seat of the car. What else was better in the past?
Oh, it's the best thing to do it for the first time! The first joint, the first kiss, the first ecstasy (laughs). The song is about the indifference of the youth, and that one wants to preserve this indifference. One falls in love only once for the first time. An exception is perhaps the sex. He gets better the more you know about it (laughs).

During the production of the album, you were afraid to have experienced everything and not feel anything new. Has this fear been confirmed?
I had the crisis especially before the album. At my age, others are once finished with the university and begin to work. Often I had the feeling that if I was to die tomorrow it would not be very dramatic, since I had already done it and it was a horny life.

"It can be compared with a midlife crisis, which is usually only at 40. With us she came earlier. "

It can be compared with a midlife crisis, which is usually only at 40. With us she came earlier. From this crisis I wrote the song «Something New». It is about experiencing and experiencing new things. It is all a question of perspective that changes through friends, a new love or just by changing the world with different eyes.

Last year, as Billy, you released your solo project «I'm Not OK». The songs are very gloomy and you said in interviews that you had to heal the broken heart with the recording of this EP. How are you today?
Love technically, I never had much luck. I can not say today that I'm in a great relationship, but I'm fine. I do not want to make my happiness dependent on others. My EP dealt with the great love that went wrong. Many of them have a great love, which you can never really get away with. But I am convinced that I will meet a new love. Nevertheless, I will always carry this story with me. No matter how many years pass, a bit of pain will always do.

Last question: The dream machine is about your dreams. What is your biggest dream?
This is difficult, I have a lot of insane! I want to get married. I recently realized that this is so. I'd like to build my own model and my own nightclub, these are my dreams. But these were more than one (laughs)!

"I like you simple, I like the way you walk. You liked me simple,
you fell for the way I talk.

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