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Aug-2-17: Bill K. lives in America,...

Bill Kaulitz of Tokio Hotel: lives in America, but remains German and loves Merkel

He swore that if Trump had won the presidential he would return to Germany. Forever. But to the determination of Bill Kaulitz and his assertions no longer believe his beloved fans, by now. Even the most loyal and faithful followers of the success of "Durch den Monsun" (2005). Then the band leader was only fifteen years old.

In twelve years, so much water has passed under the bridges. And for the "four kids of Magdeburg" many changes have come, volunteered and involuntary.
Supporters have also grown in the meantime, and a good part of the fanbase has abandoned them along the way, no longer recognizing them in their favors.
She was particularly concerned about the publication and dissemination of a video ("Feel it all") in 2015, in which the androgynous frontman, while giving birth to group sex and initiating heroin in her arm, tightened tightly Tear in the mouth. The video was shot in Berlin, but the German band had long since moved to Los Angeles and was still under contract with Universal. And it was scandal.

Not long ago it would be over because the four in Magdeburg cut off the bridges with the famous American record label. Or viceversa. What happened was not known, something definitely went wrong. And today Tokio Hotel has a contract with Sony, the very production that refused them when they were still "Devilish".
At five albums away and after bizarre and vicious happenings, Tokio Hotel's story continues. Unlike that of other German boy-band notes like Cinema Bizarre and Killer Pilze, always wanting to stay in the o-rock range.

Before leaving Berlin again, surprisingly, about two weeks ago, Bill Kaulitz had confided to model Eva Kelley that she had felt frustrated in the previous collaboration with Universal. And he added that some changes, in the mainstream, sometimes become necessary, though painful. "A new crowd was waiting for us in the States, eager to know the new Tokio Hotel. And it was not just girls. But also of adult women and many men. I like the audience to be different ... ".

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When asked about how you feel at LA and what kind of relationship starts with this city, the singer replied that he loves Los Angeles and is here that he felt for the first time adult but that he sometimes feels the need to distance himself And return to Berlin.

"It's at L.A. That I started to have a real social life, to go out without hearing it, followed. Then, in fact, I can only feel isolated and isolated ... "said Bill Kaulitz.
In the long talk with Kelly, published as an interview from blog 032c, the singer said she felt a bit stressed in the States, even when she wanted to smoke a cigarette.
"People yell at you: hey, you can not smoke here! And smokers' areas are becoming less and more numerous even in exclusive clubs. So I stopped going. It's ridiculous!"

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"I'm not a healthy person," he confessed to the singer at Kelley, "at least not in the way they mean it to L.A .. So I feel a bit alien here. Here, I have remained the typical European, German if you want. I do not wake up at eight o'clock, do yoga and do not drink smoothies, so ... ".
On the other hand, Bill admits that in America he feels more secure, unknown (or almost) among the actors and celebrities that flock to Beverly Hills and the surrounding area, convinced if a paparazzi is hunting for a scoop will not follow him but Will prefer to run behind Brad Pitt or Britney Spears.

In short, Bill Kaulitz wants to "do the American" but is and remains German, even in the most intimate fibers of his being.
"Who would you go for dinner or with whom would you smoke your cigarette in holy peace?" Eva Kelley urges him.
"Angela Merkel!" Kaulitz exclaims without hesitation. "I know I do not smoke, but if she smokes she would be my ideal partner for a potato soup dinner and a cigarette. I admire it a lot. I find it really an interesting woman. Yes, it would be nice…".

To "Angie," as Bill affectionately calls her, who does not miss the opportunity to keep "like" anything on what Merkel publishes on her official pages, the message seems to have not yet arrived.
This invitation could be a chaste opportunity for the chancellor, who could even decide to take advantage of the charm that he exerts on a part of the star system to give a "pop" tone in the full election campaign!

"I like you simple, I like the way you walk. You liked me simple,
you fell for the way I talk.

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